Monday, August 31, 2009

Yesterday, I went photographing and this one of the photos I took. I like this one because of the trees shapes and the road. These type of pictures have always inspired me.
Well today it's back to school and I have to work tonight. Looking forward to the school part just not the work part. I'm usually standing at the cash register or cleaning and bored out of my mind. Oh well, that's it for today.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's been nice to just relax before the second week of the fall semester commences. There has been some drama over the weekend like this one part of a garment I am making for my sister is driving crazy. But other than that it has been good. Friday, I was so dead tired, I did not go to Celebrate Recovery and yesterday I went out and got supplies at Joanne's for my sewing class. I also did some homework and watched some tv. Plus, while I was on youtube I found this new band called the Ropes with a song called 'Clubs in Europe Forever.' I love it. Very artsy reminds me of the Ting Tings.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday, I went to another first day of class at school which was photography. Mom went with me and I liked the teacher. He was funny and around my age probably about ten years older though. Plus, at french class I got to know more people, and catch up with people who were in other classes of mine in previous semesters.
Also there are horrible wildfires blazing in Palos Verdes and my parents were worrying about the properties there especially my dad. He always seems to worry about everything. Oh well, today I plan to drop off some applications to potential job places.
I haven't finished my sister's shirt because I need to get a certain utensil that will turn the drawstrings inside out. Well that's it for today.
August 28, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The last few days I have been at school. Monday, I went to school for my sewing class. Yesterday I went to school for my French class. That was so much fun. I learned some new words such 'entrez', 'sortez', and 'frappez a la porte'. These three mean 'enter', 'leave!', and 'knock on the door'. I am looking forward to this.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday I finished a tote bag for one of my mom's friends, and while I was finishing the bag, my dad kept calling me to come look at something on the television. It was a documentary about Napoleon Bonaparte and his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo. I love that time period, but I was trying to finish something. Oh well, that was yesterday. Tomorrow I start the Fall semester for college at Saddleback College and I am looking forward to taking a sewing class and learning French. Today I am going to meet up with a friend and we are going to walk on trails around my house, so I can get some exercise in. Plus, I plan on working on making a shirt for my sister. Right now I am working from patterns but some day I want to make my own kind. Which I will eventually. August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good Morning! Raquel Zimmerman as Debbie Harry

Today as I was doing my usual morning routine on the computer, I came across this image and I absolutely loved it. I love Blondie, they are one of my favorite bands and I love Raquel Zimmerman playing her. It's an uncanny likeness.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello, Welcome!

For months I have been wanting to start my own blog. Now, ever since I saw the movie 'Julie/Julia', I was like "I am going to do this!" Well here I am! This blog will be fashion, art, music, photography, and whatever sounds fascinating. For example, I am absolutely obsessed with the new wave band The Smiths. I even started a new series of sets that I have made on my account with Polyvore. Which reminds me to put a link up to that. Oh well, this is my first post. Good Night. August 21, 2009