Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back from Sequoia and School

I thoroughly enjoyed being up in Northern California and seeing all the pretty Fall foliage. Unfortunately when we came home Sunday that was the last day that Dad was going to be in Las Vegas. Monday he came home and last night Dad blew up at Mom because one of his sodas was not cold. When that was going on, I went outside to not hear the arguing that was going on between my mom and dad. I did not want to hear it anymore.
While we were up in Fresno and Sequoia, I took some beautiful photos of trees, winding roads, and when we went through the coastal areas of California where we stopped by Meridian winery. I took some pictures while there which I have posted on my blog. I hope it comes up. Of course going through central California is always interesting because it is so unlike the rest of Calfornia. It is more like being in the Mid-West than the West coast with cows, orchards, fields of different varieties of vegetables and other types of food. Also it was nice and cool while we were up there. I had a great time.

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