Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain and Balmain

Time is Running Out
Time is Running Out by artnouveau5 featuring Balmain
Hello everyone!
I know I haven't been checking in as often I just loads of school work and my life in general. I tried to upload an image of a recent set that I had made on to here but it does not show up. Ugh!!! Oh well. But it centers on this image to the right with the model I think it's Anna Selezneva. I love the military look that Balmain cooked up with this one.
I finished my garment and it fits perfect in it but I look over weight in it. I have also been working out lately so I don't feel as overweight as I am. I just need to be consistent with it. Thank goodness I have Dez and Mom to keep me accountable and God also.
Also it's grey and cloudy with rain here in California. Which is a nice change and its not hot anymore. Yay!!!!

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