Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy and Tired

I have been very busy lately with school and just life in general. Monday, I went to a bbq at a friend's house and that was fun. Since I am now 21, the thought of I could have a drink was just novel. Tuesday was back to school and I had a french assessment quiz that day. It included a dialogue which I was nervous about I evidently did pretty well.
Also, I did some shopping and got this book called "ID's favorite Fashion Designers.' I love it because it tells the stories of how these designers started, and that helps me figure out how to get started for myself. I started back on my sister's shirt. I decided to skip the drawstrings because they were basically ruined after playing with for so long. I will just add something else that is pre-made to take the place of the drawstring.
Today, is photography class and we get to see a slideshow of pictures that people have taken for the first project. That includes me and my moms. I am looking forward to that. Plus, I am a little tired. Oh, before I go, I have decided that I am going to quit Hallmark and look for another job that gives me more hours. I pray to God that that will be done. Well I'll see you later.

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